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6th June 2020
we are still here, several of us are still playing, war thunder is the popular game at the moment,.. i’ve been lazy and haven’t updated here for awhile but will be making some more changes here soon,.. gonna promote a few members for remaining active in games: DT Girl is now SGT, Ecksee is now SGM, ll3ush is now LEUT (ooh an officer), congrats to them,.. new recruit as well, lets welcome ‘Yatesu’ to the crew, keep on gaming, more to come soon (hopefully)…

19th August 2019
decided to reinstall my old games, battlefield: bad company 2, battlefield 3, call of duty 4,.. played em for awhile but seemed to have some punkbuster issues, not many active aussie servers around but still good for some DT fun,.. been playing war thunder with some clannies as well, good fun,.. will be looking into a few older games we use to play, see if they are still active, more to come, eventually lol…

24th November 2018
so i finally bought PUBG from steam, 18 gig took me awhile to dl on my internet but for 30 bux i figured it be worth it, then i try to run it and it freezes up on the start up screen, i searched the problem on google and found it was a common problem since an update in march, well the cure didnt seem very good, changing the core affiliation in task manager for tslgame.exe to 1 core only, it didnt work for me anyway so i had a fiddle with the config file and came up with my own cure…

go into the steam game folder for pubg and find the config folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Config) and open DefaultCompat.ini with notepad, change the top section [AppCompat] with this…


make sure to back up the original config first, this config worked for me but it helps if you load steam before running the game, the game itself seems pretty cool, reminds me of joint ops with large maps but with restricting battle zones keeping you on ya toes, gonna keep playing and see how i go…

10th May 2018
have added the old site in its entirety, i found a backup of it and decided to link it up, the DT archive, unfortunately i cant find anything before 2007, DT was created in 2005 but the early stuff was on free webhosts and i didnt keep backups (wow what a flashback)

26th April 2018
have made DT SimpleWebsite active, check in the shop for details,.. have also added a couple of things to the downloads page, more coming soon…

28th March 2018
seems DT Graphics is taken as a business name (a print business in Sydney), perhaps ill use DT SimplePrint, keeps with the DT SimpleSite business theme, more thought needed but will move ahead with this… also, i decided to do some soldier clan promotions, Bush is now sargent major, Ecksee is now sargent, DT Girl is now corporal and Dolphin is now private 1st class

16th March 2018
still here and always will be, have been thinking about expanding this domain to include a ‘DT Graphics’ business idea for simple business card designs, custom greeting cards, anything printable,.. and perhaps a ‘DT SimpleSite’ page for hosting setup and simplified WordPress website and instructions to edit and update the webpage,.. finally a ‘DT GameStore’ but ill have to put a bit more research into the best way to achieve that…

4th December 2016
Have added credits and clan list to the DT Info page, i have thinned out the clan list but i have also added a new member, welcome BigDaddyv3 to the clan, he is a skilled gamer in World of Tanks and has the character of a DT clan member…

21st July 2016
Have split the games page up into categories, now has pc, console and browser games, added all the old games and 1 browser game, will have to see who is playing what on consoles before i make a list in there…

14th July 2016
Added a few downloads to kick things off, added dolphy’s page too, its DolphynStyle, check it out 😉

13th July 2016
DT Gaming has changed hosts, we now have unlimited bandwidth and web space, with this change i decided to go wordpress for website management , that is why there is a new web page layout and a new ‘Downloads’ page, ill find things to put in there and any suggestions are welcome…
Still got a fair bit to do here but ill get it done eventually, ive done enough for now…