This page uses WinRAR to make it easier to bundle files and speed up transfer time…download WinRAR v5.21

a simple yet effective live stream broadcaster, uploads automatically to a given youtube channel.
download XSplit Broadcaster for simple uncut gaming videos.

game recording software that saves locally, hi res video with good recording control.
download Fraps 3.4.0, great for game video editing.

a game voice activated voice chat/ text chat program.
download Discord for a free and easy game voice chat program.

a small but highly functional portable version of PhotoShop.
download PhotoShop Portable CS6 64bit for a good photo and image editor.

a good free YouTube video downloader, be sure to untick the 3rd party software installs when installing.
download Free Youtube Downloader to download any YouTube video easily.

a free VPN with unlimited bandwidth, good for watching YouTube videos banned in your country.
download Proton VPN to see that webpage your government won’t let you see.