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update 14 sep 14
finally added Justin to the DT clan, he plays alot of COD MW2 on PS3.

update 4 sep 14
been working on a different layout for the site, click here to check it out.

update 7 oct 13
been lazy in here but doing an update to add a couple of new clannies, they have been playin for a lil while and they here to have fun playin games with us, please welcome the new girls on the block, Dolphin and Princess... till next time, and a site overhaul is still in process, stay tuned.

update 27 march 13
been awhile since i updated here but heres the scoop, ill be upgrading the site with a few new sections, 1 of them is a console section which brings me to my next point, i have added Shads to the clanlist to help with the console side, more on this soon...

update 7 dec 12
1st up i would like to apologise for not updating in a while, now i would like to thank everyone for visiting and getting us to 20,000 hits, very cool,.. now i bring to your attention the nominations for promotion in the forum,.. would also like to congratulate eyegouge for taking on an officer rank and becoming our newest admin, well done all and thankyou for your patience...

update 27 july 12
congratulations to our 2 new promotions, EckSee is now Corporal and DTGirl is now Private 1st class,.. we have all been busy with life but we still manage to play games, stay tuned for more shifts in rank ;)

update 15 may 12
the main page has taken shape, still have to add some buttons down the bottom but otherwise not much else to do, i still gotta fix the game buttons up but thats not gonna happen in a hurry,.. more changes to the shop and tech pages coming soon, stay tuned...

update 27 april 12
the new site layout is taking shape, i have been busy lately with my new job but i have been learning to use some handy graphics programs there and using that knowledge to redo the buttons on this site, i think its looking good but theres still some more to do yet, stay tuned...

update 17 mar 12
have launched the new site today as you can see, it still needs a lil work but its better than the last layout, ill be working on finishing up the extra stuff over the next couple of weeks, stay tuned...


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DT Clan Members
COL DirteeDan
CAPT Rhequiem.
LEUT Eyegouge666
SGT ll3ush
CPL Ecksee
Galah DT Hinter
Pvt Blaze
Pvt Diyz
Pvt Samik666
Pvt Shadzy
Pvt Dolphin
Pvt Princess
Pvt Justin

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