DT SimpleWebsite

Ever wanted a website but thought it wouldn’t be affordable with setup costs and web designers etc,..
if your looking 
for an affordable website for your hobby, sport, family, small business or perhaps a gaming page like this 1 then click the following banner for a good web host at low cost.


DT Gaming is hosted by Hosting24, they are reliable and affordable, i recommend the ‘Premium Web Hosting’
package (middle 1) 
because it has unlimited disk space, websites, bandwidth, emails and includes a free domain name and more…
Click on the banner above and check them out.

Once you have your Hosting24 web space and domain name setup then a WordPress website can be set up for you at a low cost, a personalised ‘SimpleGuide’ will be created for you so you can modify and update your own web page.

Paypal is required to make transactions to international customers possible.

Typical Cost Details
around $10 per month for web hosting
(check Hosting24 link above for details)
if premium package on hosting24 is chosen
i can setup a wordpress page for $60 – $90




For any inquiries email simplesite@dtgaming.com

DT Gaming – SimpleSite
ABN: 13 739 195 618